Town of Newton Dog Licenses

Owners of all dogs 5 months of age or older on January 1st of any year, or 5 months of age within the license year, shall annually obtain a license. All dogs must be licensed and have their rabies inoculation by April 1st. April 1st the local Treasurer shall send a list of those people who still have not purchased a dog license to the County Clerk, who forwards this list to the District Attorney. After a reasonable amount of time, the Sheriff's Department will then issue citations to all delinquent dog owners, and a $35.00 late fee will be charged after April 1st.

Contact Paulette Vogt, Treasurer; Phone: 920-758-2720 for a license.

Newton Dog License Fees

Neutered Male or Spayed Female $6.00

Un-neutered Male or Un-spayed Female $11.00

Kennel License $35.00

Dog License Late Fee: $35.00