2022 Annual Report

Town of Newton Annual Report

Year Ending December 31, 2022


Elected Town Officials

DENISE THOMAS, CHAIRMAN Phone: (920)726-4371 

KEVIN BEHNKE, SUPERVISOR Phone: (920) 323-2577 


PAULETTE VOGT TREASURER, Phone: (920) 758-2720 

Appointed Town Officials

ALYSSA GROTEGUT, CLERK Phone: (920) 905-4906 

DAVE MUELLER, ROAD SUP/LAW ENFORPhone: (920) 323-9675 


ROGER MAYER, BLDG. INSP Phone: (920) 973-5270 


TOWN WEBSITE: www.townofnewton.org 




Remaining Election: November 7, 2023


All Town Board Meetings are held at the Newton Town Hall the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm unless otherwise posted. Public is welcome

BOARD OF REVIEW: Newton Town Hall, May 8, 2023-4:30-6:30 pm 

OPEN BOOK: This will be posted at a later date, due to the reassessment

HAZARDOUS WASTE BUSINESS & FARMS CLEAN SWEEP PROGRAM FOR 2023: Clean sweep event at the County Highway shop on May 20, 2023 9 am to Noon for residential and May 19th 2:00 PM to 4 PM for farms and business. Go to the County website for more information


May 19, 2023, Newton First Responders Spring Fish Fry at the Newton Firefighters Park 

September 8, 2023, Newton First Responders Fall Fish Boil at Newton Firefighters Park 

August 18th, 19th, & 20th, 2023 Newton Firefighters Picnic at Newton Firefighters Community Park. Friday and Saturday Night Modified Truck & Tractor Pull, Sunday Newton Firefighters Parade at 11:00 am RAIN OR SHINE! Farm Tractor pulls will start at 1 PM 

The Fire Department and Town Shop personnel will be available before April 18, 2023 Annual Meeting to answer any questions. We urge everyone to view the facilities they own and support through their taxes. We have a lot to be proud of

ANNUAL MEETING: April 18, 2023 6:00 PM Meal followed by 7:00 PM Meeting at the Newton 

Town Hall


  1. Call to order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance 
  3. Motion to Approve the Agenda as printed
  4. Motion to approve Minutes from Last Year’s Annual Meeting. The clerk will read the 


  1. State Officials Comments 
  2. Chairman’s Report Denise Thomas 
  3. Supervisor #1 Report Kevin Behnke 
  4. Supervisor #2 Report Kelly Christiansen 
  5. Treasurer Report Paulette Vogt 
  6. Clerk Report Alyssa Grotegut 
  7. Law Enforcement Report Dave Mueller 
  8. Fire Department and First Responders Reports 13. Citizens Input 
  9. Motion for the Town Board to Borrow Money
  10. Motion for the Township to retain Bank First
  11. Motion to Adjourn to Annual Meeting which will be held on Tuesday April 16, 2024

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations to attend the meeting should contact the Town Clerk’s Office by calling 920-905-4906 as soon as possible so that needs can be reasonably met

NOTE: Anyone who would like to have their business card included in the Fall Newsletter and Annual Report for the year 2024, you may do so by sending a business card and a check in the amount of $25.00 to the Town Clerk

Chairperson’s Report for the Town of Newton 

We as a township can be so thankful for all the families and business who call the Town of Newton their home. I believe we have the best township in the state, and it wouldn’t be made possible without all of our incredible residents. I just want to give a special shoutout to the Newton Fire Department & the Newton First Responders for protecting our township. I also would like to mention we have many service organizations in our township, such as the Newton Lions, Silver Lake 4H and Newton Youth Sports. The town has a lot to offer for everyone, please be sure to check out our website at www.townofnewton.org for any town information

This past year the Town Board has been working on using the ARPA Funds that we received in the best way possible. I am sure you’ve noticed that we have replace quite a few culverts, those were done at no cost to the town since we used all the ARPA Funds for those projects. All the expenses associated with those projects also had a 50/50 payback from Manitowoc County. That gives us the opportunity to replace most of the culverts that are deteriorating at NO cost to the town! We as a board have been very diligent in seeing that we can use these funds in the best possible way, under all the regulations set by the Federal Government. Lastly, I’d like to mention that the Newton Fire Department received their new truck! Be sure to stop in and check it out

Next, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank our new Town Clerk. Alyssa Grotegut who was hired in the 4th quarter of last year; she is an asset to the Town of Newton. Please take some time to introduce yourself to her. I want to thank Kevin Behnke, Supervisor 1; Kelly Christiansen, Supervisor 2; Paulette Vogt, Treasurer; Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator; Dave Mueller, Road Supervisor/Law Enforcement Officer; Roger Mayer, Building Inspector; Debbie Behnke, the Town’s Cleaning Person and Brayden Bennett, Lawn Care for your dedication to the town. To all our snowplow drives, the time and effort you put in so the rest of the town residents are able to travel safely on our roads, doesn’t go unnoticed, Thank you! To all the others who help Dave out with whatever is needed throughout the year, thank you! All the election workers who make sure the elections run smoothly, thank you! Finally, thank you to James & Robert Jost and Alan Fischer, the Town’s Recycling Center employees who are there every Saturday for our residents. The town is lucky to have all of you, thank you!! 

The Town of newton has a Planning commission who meets every month. They consist of Ed Downing, Charles Bauer, Ray Ross, Deb Reis, Lee Glaeser- Secertary, Roger Sieben and Denise ThomasChair. The Board of Appeals has been meeting as needed and they consist of Lee Holschbach -Secretary, Mike Waack, Scott Konik, Dan Stock, Mark Knorr and Steve Fischer. Thank you for all your dedication to the town

I would like to thank the women and men who are on the Newton Fire Department and Newton First Responders. This group of individuals puts in a tremendous amount of their time to make sure that the Town of Newton residents will have help in their time of need. The entire town is grateful to each and every one of you

I am grateful for all the support you have shown me as your chairperson. I will continue to work for the benefit of your township. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call

Regards, Denise Thomas, Chairperson 

Supervisor #1 Report for the Town of Newton 

We first would like to thank all the residents of Newton for their cooperation in working with the attendants of the recycling center. With all the changes that we have made over the past few years we thank all of you. Thank you, Jim Jost, Bob Jost and Al Fischer for your continued support for our recycling center. We would like to announce our new recycling service to the Town, Backroads Recycling. On April 29th we will be holding our free electronic and freon collection at our recycling center. We will be posting further information at the Center. We are also looking to purchase a digital sign at the Town Hall that will provide information about Recycling Center information and other Town announcements. We will be using some of the recycling grant money that we receive on a yearly basis. Also, Manitowoc County will be having their clean sweep event at the County Highway shop on May 20, 2023 9 am to noon for residential and May 19th 2 to 4 for farms and business. Go to the County website for more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the Town Board members or ask any of the attendants and they can either answer your question or forward your contact information to us

Kevin Behnke, Supervisor #

Supervisor #2 Report for the Town of Newton 

Hello friends and neighbors

It’s been a little over a year since I have been appointed Supervisor #2 for the Town of Newton, and I’m happy to say that I am now an elected supervisor of the Town of Newton. Thank you to all who voted! In this past year I have learned a lot about the operations of our township and have been able to become a productive member of our town’s operation. Besides the normal functions of our town, I have been involved in the fact finding for the possible expansion of our fire house and the installation of broadband communications in our township. Another project that I have been involved with is the updating of our driveway construction and design rules, to accommodate the fire department and enable them to do their job safely and efficiently. I look forward to the next three years and the challenges that may come. In closing, I would like to say thank you to all those that have helped me, and welcome to those who wish to share their concerns with me. I’m proud of our Town of Newton, and I want to help keep it a great place for all that live here! 

Until next time, take care and God bless you

Kelly Christiansen 

Supervisor #

Treasurer’s Report for the Town of Newton 

I would just like to say Thank you all for your continued support throughout the year. If there are any questions that you may have pertaining to their land or taxes. Please feel free to contact me at 920-758-2720. Thanks again

Paulette Vogt, Treasurer 


NEWTON YOUTH SPORTS: All information regarding youth baseball & softball can be found at newtonyouthsports@weebly.com or emailing: newtonyouthsports@gmail.com. You can also find them on Facebook and receive updates and information. Any further questions please contact Casey Hochkammer, Newton Youth Sports President @ (920)374-0108

TOWN HALL RENTAL: For your special event the Newton Town Hall is available for rental to citizens of the Town of Newton for $50. Please call Dave Mueller, Road Supervisor at (920) 323- 9675 to reserve the hall for your special day

ZONING AND BUILDING INFORMATION: All information needed can be obtained from our website. Townofnewton.org 

MOVING PERMITS: A moving permit is required for all buildings being moved on roads within the Town of Newton. The moving permit can be obtained from the zoning administrator. The sheriff’s department should also be notified about such move

WRECKING PERMITS: Any building being torn down, removed or burned by the Newton Fire Department should obtain a wrecking permit from the zoning administrator. There is no charge for this permit. Obtaining this permit ensures that the building will be taken off of the tax roll

ASSESSOR: Occasionally a town assessor may need to enter residents land to update information to establish fair assessment value for each property. No entry into a building or dwelling will ever be made without consent. However, entry onto lands including lands around buildings is assumed unless a written notice is provided to our assessor to keep off your land. If an assessor is not allowed access for viewing property, an owner cannot contest at the Board of Review the assessment level set by the assessor (Sec. 70.47(7)(aa) of Wis Stats

DRIVEWAY AND CULVERT ORDINANCE: The Town Board has passed a Driveway and Culvert Ordinance. All residents in the town must have a permit for installing new driveways, new culverts or extending replacing or repairing existing driveways or culverts. There is a $50.00 fee for driveway or culvert permits. This permit may be obtained from the Road Superintendent, Dave Mueller, at the town shop. If you cannot get in touch with hi leave a message on the answering machine at the shop. The telephone number is (920)758-2338 

BURNING ORDINANCE: The Town of Newton has a Burning Ordinance. Violation of this ordinance can and will result in a fine. If found in violation, the first offense is a $25.00 fine plus court costs; the second offense is a $50.00 fine plus court costs; the third offense is a $100.00 fine plus court costs; and the fourth offense is a $200.00 fine plus court costs. Copies of the ordinance are available at the Recycling Center and the Newton Town Shop. Burning Permits are required for all fires unless made in a barrel, trash can or other enclosed burner that has a heavy screen or cover to prevent burning material or embers from blowing out. Burning permits are available at Stock MFG., Highway 42 Garage, Pine River Dairy, Recycling Center, Tom Hochkammer, Fire Chief; Nick Smith, First Assistant Fire Chief; Dan Stock, Second Assistant Chief or Dave Mueller, Road Supervisor at the Town Shop

RECYCLING CENTER: Recycling guideline information is available at the Recycling Center. Due to Wisconsin State Law, several items previously accepted must now be refused. A comprehensive list is available at the Recycling Center with referrals for appropriate disposal. The attendant in charge has complete charge of the Recycling Center and the right to refuse any material not in compliance with Town, County and State recycling rules and regulations. Paper and cardboard does not have to separated. Paper, books and magazines must be bundled and bagged. Shredded paper must be enclosed in a tied plastic bags or taped boxes. Boxes have to be flattened unless filled with paper or cardboard. The blue container at the Recycling Center is not for garbage. It is clearly marked Copper Only. When you are done emptying your glass or tin cans into the appropriate bins, then please bring the paper or plastic bag that contained those articles to the compactor for disposal. No bags or string allowed in plastic containers. Please clean your glass, plastic, and cans. Besides being one of the requirements for using the Newton Recycling Center, this will also help cut down on the bee problem during the warmer months

POSTING BOARD: Meetings are posted on the posting board outside of the Town Hall, HiWay 42 Garage, CR Stop as well as the Town of Newton website

DEPOSIT BOX: There is a deposit box located on the East side of the entrance to the Town Hall for payment of your first real estate tax installment and dog vaccination papers by January 31st. This box is locked and is secure. The second installment should be sent to the County Treasurer

FIREWORKS PERMIT: The Town of Newton does have a Fireworks Ordinance in effect. Any fireworks that exceed the limits as set by Wisconsin Statute 167.10 must get a permit which can be obtained from the Town Chairman at the June Board Meeting

DOG LICENSES: All dogs must be licensed and have their rabies inoculation by April 1 or you will be notified by the Law Enforcement Officer. NonCompliance will result in $35.00 late fee per owner. Contact Paulette Vogt, Treasurer, Phone (920)758-2720 for a license. Only authorized town officials are authorized to take animals to the Humane Society



Town of Newton 

Profit & Loss 

January through December 2022 



41110 General Property Taxes          452,808.72

41150 Managed Forest Land Taxes         1,298.12

41800 Use Value Penalties         711.00

Total Taxes         454,817.84  


Intergovernmental Revenues

43300 ARPA – State         116,600.77

43410 Shared Revenues         47,208.19

43412 Exempt Computer Aid         651.62

43414 Personal Property Aid         2,008.78

43420 Fire Insurance Tax         10,932.59

43531 General Transportation Aids         169,331.96

43545 Recycling Grant         13,154.21

43650 Managed Forest Land Aid         50.14

43660 Payment in Lieu of Taxes         8.56

43690 State Election Aid         1,200.00

43710 County Bridge Aid         31,085.45

43791 ARPA – Manitowoc County         64,247.19

Total Intergovernmental Revenues         456,479.46 


Licenses and Permits 

44100 Liquor & Malt Beverage Licenses         895.00

44101 Operator’s Licenses         190.00

44130 Cigarette Licenses         10.00

44250 Dog Licenses – County Refund         1,829.45

44255 Dog Licenses Retained         702.50

44300 Building Permit Fees         8,695.00

44400 Zoning Permits & Hearing Fees         2,900.00

14900 Driveway and Culvert Permits         -100.00

44901 Utility Connection Permits         325.00

44902 Pond Permit         40.00

44904 Sign Permit Fees         40.00

Total Licenses and Permits         15,526.95 


Fines, Forfeits and Penalties 

45100 Dog License Penalties         162.00 

45110 Court Fines and Fees         90.00 

Total Fines, Forfeits and Penalties         252.00 


Public Charges for Services 

46100 General Government Fees         10.00

46110 Special Assessment Letters         1,550.00

46220 911 Address Signs         300.00

46310 Highway Material & Services         2,528.56

46431 Volume Based User Fee         11,856.00

46432 Garbage Bags / Disposal Fees         15,641.00

Total Public Charges for Services         31,885.56


Intergovernmetal Charges 

47310 School Election Reimbursement         555.31

47343. Solid Waste – Centerville         3,996.40

47345 Recycling – Centerville         6,147.44

Total Intergovernmetal Charges         10,699.15


Miscellaneous Revenues 

48110 Interest Income         5,530.31

48200 Town Hall Rent         30.36 

48200 Sale of Recyclable Materials         1,000.00

48130 Interest on Delinquent Charges         9,629.84 

 48309 Sale of Other Equip. & Property         1.00 

48510 Business Ads         450.00 

48910 Motor Fuel Tax Refund         287.99 

48920 Insurance Dividends & Refunds         1,196.00

48940 Miscellaneous         0.80

Total Miscellaneous Revenues         18,126.30 

Total Income         987,787.26 



General Government 

Town Board 

51100 Town Board – Salaries         18,918.69

51101 Town Board – Fica         1,447.29

51102 Town Board – Supplies & Exp.         7,889.26

51103 Town Board – WTA / Education         2,271,50

51104 Town Board – Car Allowance         1,199.20

Total Town Board         31,725.94 



51420 Clerk – Salary         17,162.52

51421 Clerk – Fica         1,588.33

51422 Clerk – Supplies & Expense         7,928.31 

  1. Clerk – WTA / Education         825.50
  1. Clerk – Car Allowance         925.00

51425 Assistant Clerk – Salary         3,600.00 

51426 Computer Help         125.00 

Total Clerk         32,154.66 



51440 Elections – Wages         4,086.00 

51442 Elections – Supplies & Expense         2,276.08 

51443 Elections – SVRS Contract         141.66 

Total Elections         6,503.74 


Accounting and Auditing 

51510 Professional Fees – Accounting         9,750.00 

Total Accounting and Auditing         9,750.00 



51520 Treasurer – Salary         9,850.80 

51521 Treasurer – Fica          753.59 

51522 Treasurer – Supplies & Expense          4,115.68 

51523 Treasurer – WTA / Education         182.00

51524 Treasurer – Car Allowance          600.00 

Total Treasurer 15,502.07 


Assessment of Property 

51530 Assessor Contracted Services         11,220.00

51531 Assessor – Assess. Technologies         711.25

51534 · Assessor – Board of Review         200.00

51535. Assessor – Mfg. Property Fees         1,102.89

Total Assessment of Property          13,234.14 


Town Hall 

51600 Town Hall – Cleaning Wages         637.50

51601 Town Hall – Fica         48.77

51602 Town Hall – Supplies and Exp.         966.77 

51603 Town Hall – Utilities         2,931.46 

Total Town Hall         4,584.50 



51932 Property and Liability Ins.         9,964,00 

51938 Worker’s Compensation Ins.         3,370.00 

Total Insurance         13,334.00 

Total General Government         126,789.05 


Public Safety 

Fire Protection 

52200 Newton Fire Company         50,000.00 

52201 Fire Protection Utilities         4,772.22 

52202 Fire Protection – Expenses         541.78 

52203 Fire Insurance Rebate Payment         10,932.59 

Total Fire Protection         66,246.59 


First Responders / Ambulance 

52302 Ambulance Service         11,580.00 

Total First Responders / Ambulance         11,580.00 


Building Inspections 

52400 Building Inspector – Wages         3,135.00

52401 Building Inspector – Fica         239.83

Total Building Inspections         3,374.83 


Other Public Safety 

52900 911 Address Signs         657.55

Total Other Public Safety         657.55



Total Public Safety         81,858.97 


Public Works 


53300 Highway Maintenance – Newton         19,318.79 

53301 Highway – Fica         4,262.81 

53302 Highway – Vacation Pay         1,960.00 

53303 Highway – Holiday Pay         1,176.00 

53304 Highway – Retirement IRA          750.00 

53305 Highway – Paid Time Off          1,384.25 

53306 Garage and Machine Shop         23,513.68

53307 Snow and Ice Control         11,879.51 

53308 Highway Gas and Oil         18,003.61 

53309 Road Machinery Repair         11,903.19 

53310 Gravel, Sand and Blacktop 7,675.53 

53311 Brush Control          15,981.01

53312 Unemployment Compensation         250.00

53313 Highway Maintenance – Other          43,363.30

53315 Road Signs         1,196.63

53316 Highway Maint. – Overtime         1,384.29

53422 Road Supervisor Phone         780.00

53420 Street Lighting         212.56

Total Transportation         164,995.16



53633 Landfill – Expenses         3,456,50 

Total Landfill          3,456.50 


Solid Waste / Recycling 

53637 Solid Waste / Recycling – Wages         8,562.50 

53638 Solid Waste / Recycling – Fica         655.03 

53635 Recycling Program Expenditures         21,594.38

53636 Transfer Station Expenses         19,283,91 

Total Solid Waste / Recycling         50,095.82


Weed and Nuisance Control 

53640 Noxious Weed Publications         38.29

Total Weed and Nuisance Control         38.29


Total Public Works         218,585.77


Conservation and Development 

Zoning Administration 






56900 Zoning – Salary         6,732.00 

56901 Zoning – Fica         515.00 

56902 Zoning – Supplies & Expense         1,158.79 

56904 Zoning – Publication Fees         398.07 

Total Zoning Administration         8,803.86 


Planning Commission 

56920 Plan Comm. – Wages         2,216.00 

56921 Plan CommFica         169.52 

56922 Plan Comm. – Supplies & Exp.         85.71 

Total Planning Commission          2,471.23 


Board of Appeals 

56930 Board of Appeals – Wages         290.00 

56931 Board of Appeals – Fica         22.19 

56932 Board of Appeals – Supplies         14.19

Total Board of Appeals         326.38 

Total Conservation and Development         11,601.47


Capital Outlay 


57140 General Building Outlay         11,803.00

57221 Fire Protection Outlay – ARPA         22,380.16

57331 Highway & Street Outlay         173,499.00

57332 Highway & Street Outlay – ARPA         75,088.82

57900 Committed Fund Outlay         93,900.00

Total Capital Outlay         376,670.98 


Total Expense         815,506,24 

Net Income         172,281.02 


Newton Fire Company 

6528 Carstens Lake Road Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone: 920-758-3205  Fax: 920-758-3204 Email: Newtonfire@lakefield.net 

2022 marks the end of our 75th year of providing fire protection and prevention to the people and businesses of the Town of Newton. In 2022, the Newton Fire Department responded to 64 calls which were the following in nature

25 Structure fires 1 Service call 

23 Assist the First Responders 

3 Vehicle Fires 

5 Good intent calls 

3 Miscellaneous fires 1 Miscellaneous rescue 

1 Hazardous call 

2 False Alarm calls 

Additionally, we provided area fire departments mutual aid 27 times as listed

Valders: 5 Ada:


Silver Creek:

We received mutual aid 2 times

Cleveland: 10 Combined Locks:

St. Nazianz:

Special Reminders

  1. You need to have a burning permit for any burning project not contained in a barrel or pit.
    Burning permits can be obtained from any of the fire chiefs, or during business hours at Hi-Way 42 Garage, Stock Manufacturing, Pine River Dairy, the Newton Town Shop, or the Newton Recycling Center.
  1. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1and tell them what your emergency is, the address of the emergency, and the phone number from which you are calling. If there is a possible fire, get out of the house right away.
  1. It is your responsibility to keep your address sign clear of snow, brush, and weeds so that the address signs are easily readable and visible from the road. This allows us to quickly find you in an emergency. Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms yearly.
  2. Newton Firefighters Picnic at the Newton Firefighters Community Park Friday, August 18, Saturday, August 19, and Sunday August 20

If you have any questions, you can contact Tom Hochkammer at 920-374-0109, Nick Smith at 920-901-2285, or Dan Stock at 920-374-1296. New members are always welcome. Thank you for your support of our organization. 

Newton Fire Department Membership:

Chief, Tom Hochkammer 

1st Assistant Chief: Nick Smith 

Second Assistant Chief: Dan Stock

Bill Schneider, Captain

Brandon Shedal, Lt. 

Brayden Hochkammer 

Kaeden Fischer 

Terry Wagner 

Bryan Baryenbruch 

Chuck Windus 

Bryan Kornely 

William Schmidt 

Scott Konik 

 Chris Gospodarek, Captain

Steph Wittmus, Lt. 

Garrett Braun 

Mike Gordon 

Craig Fischer

Mike Bastian

Lee Glaeser

Mark Knier

Scott Bastian

Bret Fischer 

Bob Sickinger III 

Jay Boldt, Captain

Chris Ansorge, Lt.

Cody Mueller

Bob Marheine

Mike Chizek

Ben Stock

Heather Moore

Dave Mueller

Curt Thomas

Matthew Fischer 

Steve Fischer, Captain

Tyler Hochkammer, Lt.

Brad Fischer

Matt Petersen Joe Moore 

Jacob Holschbach 

Glenn Kappleman

Bob Sickinger 

Newton First Responders

6528 Carstens Lake Road Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone: 920-758-3205 Fax: 920-758-3204 Email: newtonrescue@lakefield.net 

Newton First Responders have been providing this community with prehospital care for 35 years. We strive to provide the best prehospital care to those people we help. Remember that anyone who needs prehospital care, emergency, or nonemergency in nature, can access the services of Newton First Responders; 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year; all at no cost to the patient. Behind the promise of good, quality care is our commitment to maintain the high standards we have set for our organization. The members of the Newton First Responders have committed 385 hours of time for meetings, drills and schooling, and 468 hours of time on calls, for total of 853 hours this past year. Certified by the State of Wisconsin, the Newton First Responders provide the most up to date First Responder care and skills

In 2022, the Newton First Responders responded to 139 calls. These calls included contact with 128 patients

The Newton First Responders presently consists of 9 active members. 4 of these members are also members of the Newton Fire Department and 2 members are trained to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level or higher

Applications are being accepted for additional members

Any interested persons can contact Mark Knier at 920-901-3373 or Debbie Holschbach at 920-323-0497 or any responders listed below. Classes for First Responders are usually held several times in the year

If you are interested, please contact us

Please remember that when you have an emergency, dial 911 immediately. The First Responders will be dispatched along with an ambulance. Turn on an outside light or have someone wait at the end of the driveway to help us find you and help you

2023 Newton First Responders 

Michael Chizek 

Lee Glaeser, Vice President 

Debbie Holschbach, Secretary, Lieutenant 

Amanda Klemm 

Mark Knier, Captain 

Bryan Kornely 

Leah Schmidt, Treasurer 

Claude Siragusa, President 

Chuck Windus 

Dates to Remember 

Spring Fish Fry: Friday, May 19, 2023

Newton Firefighters Park 

Fall Fish Boil: Friday, September 8, 2023 Newton Firefighters Park 

The First Responders thank you for your tremendous support

For Immediate Release 

Public Works Department: Recycling Center 

Jon A. Reisenbuechler, Operations Manager


PO Box 351 3000 Basswood Road 

Phone: 920.683.4333 

Manitowoc WI 54221-0351 Fax: 920.683.5030 

Date: 3/27/2023  From:  Jon Reisenbuechler 

SUBJECTManitowoc County Compost Site Hours 

Beginning April 1, the Basswood Road and Woodland Drive Compost Site will have new operating hours

The Basswood Road Compost Site will be open MondayFriday, 7am 6pm and Saturdays from 8am until 6pm

The Woodland Drive Compost Site will be open MondayFriday, 10am 6pm and Saturdays from 8am until 6pm

Starting Saturday, April 1, the Recycling Center Main Office will be open MondayFriday 7am 4pm, and Saturdays from 8am to noon. Please visit the office during these hours to purchase compost products or to recycle electronicsBoth Compost Sites and the Main Office are closed on Sundays and holidays

Acceptable Items 

  • Brush, branches and 
  • Christmas trees less than 6 inches in diameter and 5 feet long 
  • Leaves 
  • Grass and lawn clippings Garden waste including pumpkins, fruit and vegetables 
  • Woodchips and sawdust from untreated wood Flowers and plants Weeds 
  • Sod with the soil removed 

Unacceptable Items 

  • Ashes 
  • Treated and Untreated Lumber Branches wider than 6 inches in diameter or 5 feet long Logs and Stumps 
  • Animal waste or carcasses Kitchen waste 
  • Sod with the soil attached 
  • Sand, Soil, Gravel, Rocks or Concrete Construction and Demolition Waste Trash, Garbage Bags or Plastic 
  • Any Nonresidential materials without authorization 

Placing materials outside the designated areas or placing anything besides accepted items inside designated areas is considered illegal dumping and subject to fine per Manitowoc County Code Section 6.17

Download a copy of the 2022 Town of Newton Annual Report here.