Tire Collection Now Open

The Manitowoc County Waste Tire Collection is open now through October. Residents and businesses can drop off tires for a fee at the Manitowoc County Recycling Center during normal office hours. Please review the rates and guidelines before bringing tires.

Waste tires can be reused in a number of beneficial ways. They can be shred into rubber chips and used as artificial turf or as a groundcover in playgrounds. Tire rubber can be incorporated into asphalt roads, running tracks, and used in other rubber products. Depending on what other materials are in the tires, they may also be used as tire derived fuel at permitted facilities.

The DNR estimates that Wisconsin produces 5 million waste tires per year. Tires have been banned from landfills since 1995 because they take up too much space, and their bulky size makes them hard to keep buried. Unfortunately, tires have often been illegally dumped along roadways or in stockpiles. Aside from looking like a mess, this can cause problems. Water accumulated inside the tires becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If tire piles catch fire they can release large amounts of pollutants into the air, water, and soil.

Help reduce the amount of tires being used by taking proper care of the tires on your car. Following the scheduled rotation and maintaining proper air pressure can help get more use out of each tire. Fixing alignment problems early can also save tire wear and extend their life.

Download Tire Collection Info Sheet

For more information call the Recycling Center at 920-683-4333 or visit