General Information

Drive sober or get pulled over.

Support initiative to combat drunken driving in our community. Fact Sheet and Talking Points by Mtwc. Cty. Sheriff's Office. See "Newsletters".

The town is served by a chairman, two supervisors, clerk, treasurer, zoning administrator, assessor, law enforcement officer, building inspector, road supervisor, and a recycling attendant. The Town Board meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Newton Town Hall (unless otherwise posted on the lighted posting board outside of the Town Hall and at each official posting place) at 6:00 pm. The official posting places for the Town of Newton are: Town Hall , CR Stop and Highway 42 Garage.

The Recycling Center was opened in March, 1990 and is located across from the Town Hall.


The Newton Firefighters have an account set up in Amazon Smile.  Anyone who purchases through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate .5% to the Newton Fire Fighters.  We will receive a direct deposit every quarter from Amazon.  The link that takes you to the Newton Fire Fire Fighters donation is  Any questions contact Nick Smith at

The Volunteer Fire Department was organized in November, 1947 and provides emergency coverage to the residents of the Town of Newton. They continue to train and keep informed on all the new information available to provide you with the best service possible. Remember, in case of an emergency, call 9-1-1 --- give them the nature of your emergency and the address and phone number you are at. Now that the new house number signs are installed, please be sure to keep them clear of snow and brush so that they are easily readable to help them find your home in an emergency. If anyone is interested in joining the department please see one of the members.

Remember, you need to have a burning permit for any burning project not contained in a barrel or pit. Burning permits can be obtained from any of the fire chiefs, at Hi-Way 42 Garage, Stock's Manufacturing, Pine River Dairy, or the Town Shop and Recycling Center. If you have any questions you can contact Tom Hochkammer at 374-0109, Ben Stock at 374-0004 or Dan Stockat 374-1296.

The First Responders were organized in 1988 and have been providing the community with pre-hospital care for twenty years. Anyone who needs pre-hospital care, emergency or non-emergency in nature, has access to the services of the Newton First Responders 24 a day, 365 days of the year at no cost to the patient. The members of the Newton First Responders have committed many hours of time for meetings, drills and schooling and are certified by the State of Wisconsin in providing First Responder care as well as defibrillation as well as the State approved skills of the administration of epinephrine via epi-pen, the use of the non-visualized airway (Combi-tube) and spinal immobilization. Applications to be a First Responder are being accepted. Any interested persons can contact Mark Knier at 726-4515 or Debbie Holschbach at 758-2731 or any other First Responder.

The Town of Newton lies within the boundaries of the Manitowoc and Valders School Districts and consists of four wards and two County Supervisory Districts.


A town permit is required for any new structure or an addition to an existing structure.

Permits are also required for changes that affect the market value of your property. Contact the Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector, Mike Slattery at 323-7039 to see if a permit is required.

Effective January 1, 2005 the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code requires all new homes to be inspected by a licensed building inspector. The fee is $500. which includes the $50. Town fee.

The following documents must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for completeness and then are forwarded to the Building Inspector who verifies the preliminary plan information.

  • 1. Three (3) sets of legible drawn-to-scale building plans.

  • 2. A completed Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application.

  • 3. Completed Department of Commerce Energy Permit.

  • 4. Plot plan showing the location of the dwelling and any other buildings on the site with respect to adjacent property lines.

  • 5. Erosion Control Plan.

  • 6. A copy of the County Sanitary Permit.

  • 7. A copy of the Town Zoning Permit.

NOTE: A building permit is required before any on-site construction, including excavating may begin.


  • 1. Footings before pouring.

  • 2. Foundation before back filling.

  • 3. Rough-in stage (general construction, plumbing, electrical and heating).

  • 4. Occupancy inspection within five (5) business days after notification from permit applicant.

  • 5. Two additional inspections included as needed.


Signs are a part of the Town Zoning Ordinance. The question is which signs require a permit and which ones don't. Signs in Business and Industrial Districts require a permit and must be approved by the Plan Commission. Signs are limited to 100 square feet of sign face and include wall projecting and ground signs. There is a sign permit fee.

The following do not require a sign permit:

  • 1. Agricultural signs that pertain to the sale of farm products and not more than 32 square fee.

  • 2. Real estate signs not more than 8 square feet.

  • 3. Bulletin boards for public, charitable or religious institutions.

  • 4. Memorial signs, tablets and names of buildings if cut into masonry surfaces.

  • 5. Election signs with property owner permission.

  • 6. Banners when authorized by the Plan commission.

Flashing signs are not allowed and no sign shall contain moving letters or parts.

If you have specific sign question contact the Zoning Administrator/Building Inspector, Mike Slattery at 323-7039.


Owners of all dogs 5 months of age or older on January 1st of any year, or 5 months of age within the license year, shall annually obtain a license.

April 1st the local Treasurer shall send a list of those people who still have not purchased a dog license to the County Clerk, who forwards this list to the District Attorney. After a reasonable amount of time, the Sheriff's Department will then issue citations to all delinquent dog owners, and a $35.00 late fee will be charged after April 1st.


PUBLIC RECORDS NOTICE. The public is hereby notified of the following information for access to public records under Section 19.34, Wis. Stat.:

    • 1. The Town of Newton, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin is a body corporate and politic with the powers granted by law.

    • 2. The Town Clerk of the Town of Newton has been designated under Section 19.33, Wis. Stat., as the legal custodian of records for the Town Board of Supervisors. All requests for public records of a local public office should be addressed to the Town Clerk.

    • 3. In addition to the Town Chairperson and Town Supervisors, the following positions constitute a local public office under Section 19.32(ldm), Wis. Stat.: Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Town Zoning Administrator, Town Building Inspector, Town Law Enforcement Officer, Town Planning Commission members, Town Board of Zoning Appeals members, Town Assessor.

    • 4. The public may obtain information and access to records in the custody of the Town Clerk, make requests for records which may be in the custody of another public office, or obtain copies of records according to the following procedure: The Town Clerk does not maintain regular office hours at the location where records in the custody of the Town are maintained. The Town will permit access to its records upon at least 48 hours written or oral notice to the Town Clerk of the intent to inspect or copy a record of the Town. The location of the records is at the town hall, at 6532 Carstens Lake Road, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220. The Town Clerk is Barbara Pankratz, telephone number (920) 758-2656.

    • 5. The fees for satisfying record requests under Section 19.35, Wis. Stat., are established as follows:

      • A. Photocopies - .25 per page.

      • B. Other extraordinary photocopies or photocopying - actual, necessary, and direct cost.

      • C. Other records not in printed form - actual cost.

      • D. Shipping and mailing any copy - actual, necessary, and direct cost.

      • E. Locating a record if the actual cost is more than $50.00 - actual, necessary, and direct cost.

      • F. The Town may require prepayment by a requester of any fees if the estimated total amount exceeds $5.00.

      • G. The Town may provide copies of a record without charge or at a reduced charge where the Town through the Town Clerk determines that waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest.

The Town Clerk is directed to prominently display this notice and make it available for inspection and copying for the guidance of the public. Adopted by the Town Board this 9th day of February, 2005.



Town Clerk


This Fee Schedule was adopted by the Town Board.

TOWN HALL RENTAL: Payment: Two installments of money in the amount of $100.00 and $50.00 will accompany the application. $100.00 will be returned after the event if the hall is satisfactory.

PHOTO-COPIES: .25 per page.


      • Book: $30.00;

      • Floppy: $10.00;

      • CD: $10.00;


$25.00 Charge to furnish abstract companies with special assessment information. $2.00 Charge per parcel for mortgage companies who request information about the amount of taxes their mortgage holders owe to the Town of Newton. Town will retain fees.

LAND USE PLAN BOOK: Charge subject to cost of printing.

CD: $10.00

Note: A copy is available at the Manitowoc County Library.


New Home Business: $50.00

Other: $10.00

New construction fee for the Building Inspector is: $550.00

Inspector Fee Deposit: $300.00


Address Sign: $69.00

Sign: $20.00

Dog License Late Fee: $35.00





Conventional Design: $12,000.00

Conservation Design: $15,000.00


The applicant shall be responsible for reimbursing the Town for engineering, inspection, legal and administrative costs incurred by the Town.