Meeting Minutes


PRESENT:  Mark Knorr, Mike Slattery, Lee Glaeser, Ed Downing, Deb Reis, Charlie Bauer, Ray Ross, Roger Sieben

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Knorr at 6:00 PM.

     Verification of public notice, pasted as required.

     A motion to approve the agenda was made by Charlie Bauer and a second by Deb Reis.  Motion Carried unanimously.

     A motion to approve as corrected the minutes from the previous meeting by Ed Downing and a second by Deb Reis.  Motion carried unanimously.

     Public Input:  No one present.

     Item #6 Certified Survey for Marilyn Luebke, no one present.

     Item #7 Calumet Renewable Energy, LLC, 414 South Main Street, Suite 501, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  A representative was present and gave an update as to the operations.  He is also looking to expand and looking to add two (2) new dairies to the plant.  He would like to change the conditional us permit to include up to 10 employees and also go from 6 to 14 trucks daily.  He stated that he had two (2) complaints about his facility and after some investigation found it wasn't them.  Charlie Bauer and Ray Ross both addressed weed control.  The representative did state that he would take care of the situation.  Discussion occurred.  The public hearing for the new conditional use permit will be scheduled for January , 2020 at 6 PM.

     Item #8 Ken Jaworski was present and we discussed the 2030 Comp. Plan.

     A motion to adjourn was made by Deb Reis and a second by Charlie Bauer to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

                                                                                Lee J. Glaeser, Secretary - Plan Commission



                                                            TOWN OF NEWTON

                                                            TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

                                                            DECEMBER 11, 2019 

               The December meeting of the Town Board of Newton was opened at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 by Chairman Roger Busse.  Present:  Roger Busse, Denise Thomas, Mark Knorr, Barbara Pankratz, Paulette Vogt, Mike Slattery, Dave Mueller, Charlie Bauer, and Ed Downing. Everyone present recited the Pledge of Allegiance after which it is noted that an affidavit was signed by the Clerk, Barbara Pankratz and notarized by the Treasurer, Paulette Vogt.

               Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

               Denise Thomas made a motion to accept the November 13, 2019 regular board meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Roger Busse and passed.  Denise Thomas questioned the agenda item of approval of the three road grants since they were not approved but a meeting was held discussing the application for the road grants.  The minutes of the November 21, 2019 meeting to work on the Road Grant Application project were accepted by motion made by Denise Thomas and seconded by Mark Knorr.  Motion passed.

               The treasurer’s report, which was presented to the Board previous to the meeting, was approved by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  Motion carried.

               There being no public in-put said agenda item was closed.

               Denise Thomas informed the Board she had an inquiry about the Fall Newton Notes newsletter.  The person was questioning why there was none provided as they had paid $25.00 for both the Fall Newsletter and the Annual Report.  Chairman Busse stated that he had not thought about it with all of the issues going on and that we don’t have to charge them for the Annual Report.  He indicated there  would be an Annual Report in April.  The billing for the Annual Report newsletter will be adjusted accordingly.

               Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent stated that all mowing was done and that he will work on tree cutting when he gets some help and the weather cooperates.  Dave inquired about renting the Town Hall to non-residents of the Town of Newton.  The rental agreement reads that you have to be a town resident to rent the town hall.  After a short discussion it was determined not to change the requirement that a renter has to be a Town of Newton resident.  That being said the hall could be rented on behalf of the person that is not a resident and the rental agreement form would remain the same.

               The next item Dave spoke about was the TRIP D Program.  He spoke to Mark Holsen from the Highway Department.  The Trip Program as written is applied for Wilharms Road.  Wilharms Road was done four years ago so we will use the Trip Program for English Lake Road.  We have until June 30, 2021 to use the money but all billing, paper work done, all bills have to be paid on it.  If we wait until 2021 we would have to be done by the first of June so all paper work is done and everything can be submitted by the June 30th deadline.  Dave said it would make sense to do it in 2020 which would allow the contractor to complete it.  It has to be advertised as a Class 2 notice – once a week for two weeks – and indicated it is TRIP funding.  It should be hot mix but can be cold mix but Holsen has to sign off on it.  Chairman Busse said it should be published now for bids.  Dave will bring this matter to next months meeting.  Trip D program forms are to be sent to Mr. Holsen by November 1, 2019.  The next time around is November, 2021 application deadline.  The work has to be reconstruction not resurfaced.  Funding becomes available July15th and can be applied for every two years.

               Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator gave his report to the Board.

               Treasurer, Paulette Vogt had submitted her report to the Board and Clerk previous to the meeting.  There were no corrections or additions and her report was accepted by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  Motion carried.

               Denise Thomas recognized the people that work very hard at the Recycling Center.  It was decided by the Board to give the same gift certificates to the Road Superintendent and the Recycling Center workers as was given last year.  Mark mentioned that he knew of someone who would be willing to work at the Recycling Center.  The schedule is made out through April but his name will be kept on record. Denise also thanked anyone who helped her with the submission of the Road Grants.  Chairman Busse thanked Denise for the fine job she did with the three road grant applications.  Chairman Busse made a motion that the three applications that were submitted by Denise and e-mailed by Roger be entered in the minutes.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which carried.

               The next item of business was the agreement pertaining to the dispatching of emergency services within Manitowoc County. All counties with 911 services are required to file a joint powers agreement on an annual basis to the Department of Justice.  The agreement was reviewed and accepted by the Board by motion made by the chairman and seconded by Mark Knorr.  Motion carried.  The agreement will be mailed by the clerk to the Manitowoc County Emergency Services office.

               The agreement for ambulance services between the Town of Newton and the City of Manitowoc was signed by Chairman Busse who will deliver the same to the MFRD.  It was agreed between the Town and the MFRD that payments for ambulance service would be in four installments starting January 1, 2020 as stated in the contract.  Motion for acceptance and signing of this agreement was made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  Motion carried.

               After a short discussion the Board decided not to join the Town Advocacy Council of the Wisconsin Towns Association.

               The Town of Newton garbage bag supply is getting low which generated a discussion about continuing using the clear bags with “Town of Newton” imprinted on them at a cost to the tax payer of $2.00 for a bundle of four.  Selling stickers which the resident would place on a clear plastic bag (supplied by the resident) was an option which was discussed.  It was decided to remain with the Town of Newton garbage bags.

               Roger Mayer, Building Inspector submitted a letter in reference to fee changes.  After discussion it was decided by the Board to have Roger attend our next meeting at which time they can discuss fees for inspection services.

               The bill statement was submitted by the clerk.  Denise questioned the charge of Atty. Kate Reynolds for a Luckow matter in reference to the ownership of a small piece of land.  Chairman Busse had contacted Kate about the matter and Supervisor Thomas stated it was a matter between the Luckows and the State but was told that the piece of land was a town road originally and that Attorney Reynolds had drawn up the original survey.

               The clerk indicated receipt of the certification of exempt form for Quality State Oil Co. which was completed for diesel and diesel and will be mailed to Quality State Oil for their records.

               Also the clerk informed the Board that she had contracted with KerberRose Technology, Inc. to receive the bronze package which is the basic compliance which covers all requirements for the Elections Security Subgrant Program which is mandatory for the WisVote Program.

               There being no further discussion about the bill statement motion was made by Mark Knorr to approve payment of the bills.  Roger Busse seconded the motion which carried.

               Denise Thomas made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Roger Busse seconded the motion which carried. 

                                                                           Barbara Pankratz, Clerk