Meeting Minutes

Town Board monthly minutes are not posted until approved by the Board.



                                                                                TOWN BOARD MEETING                                                                                                                                                               TOWN OF NEWTON

                                                                                JULY 12, 2017

Our July meeting was held on July 12, 2017 pursuant to posted notices.  Said meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman Roger Busse.  A verification of posting as well as an affidavit is on record with the clerk.  The notice was also posted on our Town of Newton web site. 

Present were:  Roger Busse, Denise Thomas, Mark Knorr, Paulette Vogt, Barbara Pankratz, Mike Slattery, Dave Mueller, and Ed Downing.

 The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by everyone present.  The agenda has been posted by the Road Superintendent as well as put on the web by the clerk and the affidavit of said posting is on file with the clerk.  Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the submitted agenda.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

Supervisor Denise Thomas made a motion to approve the previously submitted June Board Meeting minutes.  Chairman Roger Busse seconded the motion which carried.

Supervisor Mark Knorr questioned the treasurer’s report about the Committed Fund.  After considerable discussion and input from the Clerk who had the Committed Fund file, it was decided that the amount stated in the Treasurer’s report was incorrect because she was never given an updated version of the same.  The Board was made aware of the correct amount.  The clerk was asked to check with the auditor and report back to the Board next month as to how much money can be in the Committed Fund as well as the General Fund. Chairman Roger Busse asked that the numbers of the accounts be explained and Treasurer Paulette Vogt explained why the Town has three accounts at Bank First National. There being no further discussion Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to accept the submitted treasurer’s report.  Chairman Roger Busse seconded the motion which carried.

Public in-put was opened. There being no public in-put said agenda item was closed.

Road work was discussed and it was decided that the salt shed and the apron on the side work will be done this year as well as the work behind the Fire House/Town Shop.  Union Road South of Dehne will also be done.  Scott Construction is working on the dead-ends and slag seal.

Road Superintendent Dave Mueller spoke about the tile problem Gass Lake Road near Jason Gamble’s property, Kelly Christiansen and Newton Meat Market where at least nine tiles are broken.  The property is in the right-of-way.  It will be looked into further in the near future.  There was also a discussion about spraying parsnips - cutting first and then spraying was talked about on Newton Road before it goes to seed.  Dave also indicated that the ATV signs are ordered.

The Paser Program was discussed and it will be addressed later in the year since it is due in December.

Law Enforcement Officer Dave Mueller also stated that he had issued a citation for illegal burning and a citation will also be sent to a person whose property is considered a public nuisance as well as a citation for refusal to get a dog license.  Road Superintendent Dave Mueller also received a notice from Charlie Bauer about a grave stone leaning in the cemetery adjoining the Town Hall property.  It was stated that the Plan Commission is working on a Cemetery Ordinance which would address cemetery matters.

Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator Mike Slattery submitted his report for the month of June.  The new form entitled Addition - Remodel Building Permit was presented to the Board and it will be on the August agenda for passage.

Supervisor Denise Thomas reported on the Recycling Center and stated that the report received by the Clerk from Manitowoc County in reference to tires and sent to Denise will be posted at our Recycling Center.  The sign for larger items was also ordered for the Recycling Center.

Chairman Busse stated that on Highway 42 on the South side of Gass Lake Road there is a speed limit sign on the South side of the curve but coming off of Hwy. 42 there is 35 for the curves but people are complaining that cars speed through this area.  He thought that maybe there could be a sign indicating the lower speed limit just off of Highway 42.  Road Supervisor Dave Mueller indicated he was thinking that when the ATV signs are posted he could use the same post for weight limit signs as well as a speed limit sign.  Also on Gass Lake Road near Joe Janowski’s driveway there is a curve sign and he thought a 35 MPH sign could be posted on that post as well. 

Supervisor Mark Knorr indicated that the old fire truck was going to be put on the auction site this week. He also indicated that either him or I would be notified about spraying pfragmites so if calls were received we would be able to inform them about the spraying.  Mark thought at present it will only be on County Roads.  Mark stated that the John Deere tractor is in need of tires.  The State price is $8,300. for four tires but BauerBuilt will sell them for $7,535 if invoiced by October 31, 2017.  The Board indicated he should get the tires from BauerBuilt.

It was stated that in our Driveway Ordinance we do not have anything on what materials should be used for driveways.  It was suggested by the Road Superintendent that aggregated fill be used.   

Chairman Busse talked about road bids for Wehausen Road which will go to Northeast Asphalt for a total of $15,216.25. 

The clerk indicated that on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 a registered letter was sent to the property owner of property on Southwest corner of Center Road and County C indicating it was a public nuisance.  A copy of our Public Nuisance Ordinance as well as a citation was enclosed.  Road Superintendent Dave Mueller will cut the grass up to the wooden stakes in the right of way so that motorists can see at the intersection.

The next item of business brought up by Chairman Busse who indicated that the bathrooms in the Town Hall were very cold in the winter and what can be done to alleviate this.  He is going to check into whether or not a heater can be installed that would be flush with the wall.  An electrician would have to install the wiring.  The heaters could be turned up when the hall would be rented. 

Chairman Busse stated that the Newton Fireman are celebrating seventy years and he felt that we should have a wagon with signs instead on the back of the pick-up truck.  Chairman Busse will contact Donald Schuette for a flatbed trailer.   It was suggested that a banner be made for a trailer.  Treasurer Paulette Vogt suggested getting a banner with the 70 year sign and make it that it could be changed from year to year.   Supervisor Denise Thomas will take care of getting banners.

Clerk Barbara Pankratz submitted liquor licenses for the term of July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018:  CR Stop, City Limits, Twin Fountains, Hide-Out and County of Manitowoc Gun Club.  The Board was informed that the Recycling Contract was successfully submitted by the clerk and the Town will receive $13,033.13 during the calendar year 2017.

Letters were sent to St. John’s Lutheran Church, Salem Ebenezer Church and the Manitowoc County Gun Club stating that the Board has created a policy not to plow private parking lots.

There was no further business to come before the Board.  Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to adjourn and Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

                                                                                                 Barbara Pankratz, Clerk






























                                                               BOARD OF REVIEW

                                                   MAY 25, 2017 - 5:00 pm - 7:00 PM


                The Town of Newton Board of Review was opened by Chairman Roger Busse pursuant to notices posted on the Town of Newton web site, posted in the three official posting places as well as published in the Manitowoc Herald Times newspaper.

                Motion was made by Supervisor Denise Thomas to appoint Roger Busse as chairman of the Board of Review.  Said motion was seconded by Supervisor Mark Knorr and passed.

                It was confirmed that at least one board member had received Board of Review training during the last two years.

                Assessor Joe Denor of Fair Market Assessment was sworn in by the clerk.  Immediately following the swearing in of the assessor, Laura Stecker of CNC Links as well as her representative, Attorney Robert Lange were sworn in by the clerk.

                Objection forms were submitted in reference to two different properties owned by CNC Links which property has been assessed as two parcels but placed on one tax bill.  Parcel numbers are 014-026-005-002.00 and  014-026-006-003.00.  Attorney Lange indicated they had no problem with the value of improvements but felt that the land value is overstated.

1)  Attorney Lange presented exhibits and stated that he felt that the land value is overstated in comparison with current assessments.  His first exhibit  stated that Section 70.32 of Wis. Stats. states that  “real property shall be valued by the assessor in the manner specified in the Wisconsin property assessment manual provided under section 73.03(2a) from actual view or from the best information that the assessor can practicably obtain, at the full value which could ordinarily be obtained therefor at private sale.  In determining the value, the assessor shall consider recent arm’s length sales of the property to be assessed if according to professionally acceptable appraisal practices those sales conform to recent arm’s length sales of reasonably comparable property; recent arm’s length sales of reasonably comparable property; and all factors that, according to professionally acceptable appraisal practices, affect the value of the property to be assessed.”

2)  Attorney Lange also submitted Exhibit 2 which was a Real Property Valuation - Rules of Best Evidence - Wisconsin.

3)  Exhibit 3 was also submitted which was a copy of order from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue dated October 29, 2015 explaining the value for the property based upon an appearance CNC Links made before the Department in Green Bay, WI. for the two parcels which objection forms were submitted to the Board of Review.  This showed that the Department valued these parcels at $705,400. The valuation of agricultural land was addressed which is the issue for this meeting.  Their determination of total assessed value for land and improvements was $705,400.

4)  Exhibit 4 was from the Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Statistics which is information about land values in the State of Wisconsin from 2007-2016.

                Assessor Joe Denor indicated his reasoning for assessing the land as he did and elaborated how  swamp land, forests, tillable and non-tillable land are assessed and the comparables that he had for 2015 and 2016.  In 2016 the price per acre averaged $9,679. including non-tillable land and he based his assessment on sales within ten miles of the CNC property.  He questioned Attorney Lange about the comparisons he submitted being that aerial photos showed a small amount of tillable acreage.   Joe Denor answered all questions posed by Attorney Lange after which he concluded his comments.

                At this point the matter was submitted to the Board of Review to make their decision on the objections.  The Chairman and Supervisors discussed the objections and Supervisor Denise Thomas questioned Assessor Joe Denor about valuations of property and land assessments and indicated that Laura Stecker’s values were low .  Supervisor Denise Thomas  discussed the average price per acre and indicated that she felt the Assessor’s appraisal was high and that valuation should come down using the 2016 values were more fair than the 2015 values and the Board should use the figure of $7,748. per acre.  As a result the Board of Review determination was as follows:


                1)  Parcel number:  014-026-005-002.00 - 2017 Original Assessment: 

                      Before determination:   Land $210,200.; Improvements $440,400.  Total:  $650.600.

                      Parcel number:  014-026-005-002.00   - 2017 Final Assessment:

                      After determination:      Land $166,400.;  Improvements $440,400.  Total:  $606,800.


                2)  Parcel number:  014-026-006-003.00  -  2017 Original Assessment:

                      Before determination:    Land $141,500.;  Improvements $32,000.     Total:  $173,500.


                      Parcel number 014-026-006-003.00    -  2017 Final Assessment:

                      After determination:       Land $108,900.;   Improvements $32,000.    Total:  $140,900.


                Denise Thomas made a motion to adjust the amount to $7,748. on both of the parcels and leave the improvements at the same ratio.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion              


                The Notice of Board of Review Determination on both of these parcels will be sent to CNC Links, 4925 County Road C, Manitowoc, WI 54220 by the clerk.

                Motion was made by Supervisor Denise Thomas to adjourn the 2017 Board of Review.  Said motion was seconded by Supervisor Mark Knorr and passed.

                                                                                Barbara Pankratz, Clerk




































Plan Commission Meeting: 

 March 6, 2017 K.Behnke L.Glaeser M.Knorr D.Reis M.Slattery E.Downing C.Bauer R.Sieben

The meeting was called to order by Chairman K.Behnke . Verification was noted and posted as required .

The agenda was distributed . A motion by D.Reis and a second by E.Downing to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made . Motion carried unanimously. No public input was given.

Item # 5 The zone change issue of the I – 1 to R -2 at the 26 th Street area was discussed . K.Behnke stated that he received notification from one resident in the area that stated they were in favor of the change . Discussion occurred . A motion by D.Reis and a second by E. Downing was made to recommend the Zone change request for the following reasons: 1 ) The roads are not conducive to that type of heavy industrial traffic. 2) It fits the 2020 Town comp plan . ( see copy attached )

Item # 6 Tim Fettig owner of T & L Tactical of Manitowoc was present and discussed his intentions for the Antique Store at Hwy C and Hwy CR intersection. He is looking into buying the property for his store and shooting range . Discussion occurred .

Item # 7 Conditional use overview . Discussion occurred . We went through all the conditional use permits as stipulated and noted any problems .

Item # 8 Zoning Ordinance discussion K.Behnke gave an update on Ken Jaworski and the zoning ordinance . Items that were listed as to consider were as follows A ) fix the matrix B ) Chickens the amount , type and in what districts . C ) Regulate dirt tracks and set parameters D ) Seasonal habitants or campers E ) Home occupations F ) What the trigger is for ADA compliance . A motion by R.Sieben and a second by D.Reis to adjourn was made . Motion carried unanimously . Meeting adjourned 8 : 27 PM. Next scheduled meeting is set for April 3, 2017 at 7: 00 PM . Respectfully Submitted ; Lee J . Glaeser Plan Comm. Sec. 






Town of Newton


Town Of Newton Plan Commission

K.Behnke                                                            L. Glaeser

M.Knorr                                                               D.Reis

M.Slattery                                                           R.Sieben


February 6, 2017

The meeting was called to order by chairman K. Behnke at 6 : 00 PM . K.Behnke stated that E.Downing was excused. Verification of meeting was posted as required. A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by D.Reis and a second by M. Knorr. . Public Input was opened and after no discussion then closed.

Item # 5 was the public Hearing for a zone change classification from I – 1 to R-2 . Public input was given . Discussion was on how this came about and the reasons behind it . K.Behnke stated the area is zone incorrectly from years past and to get this correct the town would like to have it zoned correctly due to the homes in that area. A question was asked about if someone wanted to start a business in the said area . Public input was closed . A motion by D.Reis and a second by M.Knorr to postpone the item till next months meeting March 6 ,2017. Motion carried unanimously.

Item # 6 was the Wisconsin Ag Education Center . They were coming before the commission to show the final plans and fill us in on developments . Roger Sinkula gave a handout on all the plans . ( see copy  attached  ).

Item # 7 was a certified survey for E.Downing . ( see copy attached) A motion by D.Reis and a second by M. Knorr to approve the survey as submitted . Motion carried unanimously . In March we will do the overview of the conditional use permits , along with the Zoning Ordinances and Issues . A motion to adjourn was made by C.Bauer and a second by D.Reis . Motion carried unanimously . Meeting adjourned at 7:23 PM.   Next meeting is scheduled for March 6 ,2017 at 6:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted ; Lee  J . Glaeser

Plan Comm. Sec.

Town of Newton

Board of Appeals

Meeting Report


January 8 , 2017

Town of Newton Plan Commission

At a regular scheduled meeting of the Town of Newton Plan Commission a request was heard for a zone change from A-3 to A -2 for Justin Mc Cabe at 5424 Brunner Rd Manitowoc , Wisconsin . A motion to approve the request zone change was made by D.Reis and a second by E.Downing . The reasons are as follows ; A) To allow adequate space for a new septic system to be installed B ) To square off the lot and make the lot and farmland more accessible. Motion carried unanimously.

-By this action The Plan commission does hereby approve and pass this finding to the Town Board Of Newton for their approval.

Respectfully Submitted;

Lee J. Glaeser Plan Comm. Sec.