Meeting Minutes

         TOWN OF NEWTON 

         TOWN BOARD MINUTES                                                                                                                                                                                            October 3, 2018

The town board meeting for the Town of Newton was held on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 pursuant to posted notices.  Said meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman Roger Busse. 

Present were:  Roger Busse, Denise Thomas, Mark Knorr, Paulette Vogt, Barbara Pankratz, Mike Slattery, Dave Mueller, Ed Downing, Joe Denor, Ron Ratajczak, Ray Ross, Steve and Joyce Vetter. 

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by everyone present.  The agenda has been posted by the Road Superintendent Dave Mueller as well as put on the web by the clerk and the affidavit of said posting is on file with the clerk.  Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the submitted agenda.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried. 

Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the previously submitted September Board Meeting minutes.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried. 

Chairman Busse made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report which was submitted to the Board previous to the meeting.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which passed. 

Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent indicated that he had tried to get quotes on seeding the side banks on Newton Road but was only able to get a quote from Signature Landscaping of Valders, WI for $5,480.90.  Denise Thomas made a motion to do the seeding.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which carried.   There is a problem with the culvert and it will have to be dug out and then put back In place.  They are talking with Madson or Holschbach to help with this.  The blacktop is for the culverts that were replaced earlier in the year on English Lake Road, Center Road and Gass Lake Road.  This blacktopping will be done by the County in the near future. 

Dave said that he is going to start working on the plastics trailer since the weather is prohibitive to work outside. 

The current model of welder that was talked about at the July, 2018 meeting has come in at a cost of $2,400.  Dave was authorized to purchase the same. 

Dave Mueller, Law Enforcement Officer had a lost dog incident which was resolved when the dog was found by the owner. 

Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator gave his report of September building permits, variance hearings, conditional use application and remodeling for the Town which generated $1,620.

Mike Slattery submitted a new Building Permit Application which as approved by the Board by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Roger Busse.  Motion carried.  Said form will be placed on the web site by the clerk. 

A Resolution was submitted by the Clerk to amend the 2018 budget for the Town of Newton by transferring the amount of $10,852.00  from Chart of Account Number 51932 Highway Insurance into Chart of Account Number 53313 – Highway Maintenance – Others.  The Board passed the Resolution by motion made by Denise Thomas and seconded by Roger Busse.  Motion passed. 

Joe Denor, Assessor of Fair Market Assessments submitted a contract extension for his contract with the Town of Newton which contract expires December 31, 2018.  Said contract was accepted by the Board by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  The contract cost for the last three years was $10,500.00 per year paid monthly.  The new contract will be $10,980.00 per year for two years and the final three years will be at $11,220.00 per year. 

Supervisor Denise Thomas stated that there was a new employee at the Recycling Center, namely Al Fischer.  The Board indicated that Al Fischer is hired.  Ray Ross, Recycling Attendant appeared before the meeting to inform the Board that the new attendant was friendly and seemed to be doing a good job.  It is his hope that with three attendants each one can count on working every third week. 

Ray also inquired whether or not Centerville residents received coupons for Town of Newton recycling bags since several people from Centerville had coupons.  He was told that they did not receive coupons and they should be purchasing the bags and not using coupons. 

Ray indicated that recycling of plastics is not being done properly as caps and many items that are not recycled plastics are being put in the trailer for plastic.  He felt that the residents of Newton and Centerville should be informed about the proper items of plastic that can be disposed of in the trailer for plastics.  Supervisor Thomas will contact the County to see if something could be put in the paper in reference to this plastic matter. 

Steve and Joyce Vetter appeared before the Board in reference to the stop sign issue on Northeim Lane.

The Board decided that it was not necessary and if speeding is a problem then they should contact the Sheriff’s Department and ask for extra patrol for this area.  After discussion and the Board informing the Vetters that there would be no installation of another stop sign Supervisor Knorr indicated that he would contact the County patrol officers and request extra patrolling of this area. 

The statement report was submitted to the Board and motion was made by Supervisor Denise Thomas to accept the statement.  Supervisor Mark Knorr seconded the motion which carried. 

Supervisor Knorr made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion which carried. 

                                                                          Barbara Pankratz, Clerk

                                                            PROPOSED BUDGET HEARING MEETING

                                                                           OCTOBER 30, 2018


                Pursuant to posted notices the Newton Town Board, Roger Busse, Denise Thomas, Mark Knorr

and the Clerk, Barbara Pankratz and Road Superintendent, Dave Mueller met to discuss the proposed

budget for the year 2019 for the Town of Newton.


The following raises will go into effect starting January 1, 2019:

  1. Election Workers Wages:  Chief Inspectors will receive $12.00/hour.  Poll Workers will receive


  1. The Zoning Administrator wages will increase by $20.00 a month which would result in


  1. Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent will receive a $1.00 raise which would result in $23.00/hour.

      4.The Recycling Contract with the Town of Centerville's solid waste and the recycling contract will each be raised by 2%.  


               Meeting was adjourned by motion made by Roger Busse and seconded by Denise Thomas.


                                                            Barbara Pankratz, Clerk

November 5 , 2018

Town Of Newton Plan Commission

  1. Slattery L.Glaeser

D.Reis                                                                R.Sieben

E.Downing                                                       C.Bauer

The meeting was called to order by acting chairman D. Reis at 6:05 PM . She stated that M. Knorr and R . Ross were excused. Verification of public notice was posted as required. A motion to approve the agenda was made by C.Bauer and a second by E.Downing . Motion carried unanimously . A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by E.Downing and a second by C.Bauer . Motion carried unanimously .

Public input ; none public input closed

Item # 6 Public hearing for Cliff Viessman Trucking Inc. This is the former property of Anderson Trucking located at 2611 Viebahn  Rd. .  Steve and Debbie Novak  were present and addressed the board in regards to excess water on their property from the previous owner . They think it is from the retention pond and snow plowing done in winter . A site visit will be conducted at the property on November 10 , 2018 at 3:00 PM . E.Downing moved to table this item till next meeting in order to conduct the site visit. A second by C.Bauer . Motion carried unanimously.

Item # 7 ( see copy attached ) This is in regards to the AOB overlay district . Discussion occurred . It was decided not to address the situation at this time .

A motion by C.Bauer and a second by E.Downing to adjourn was made . Motion carried unanimously . Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

Respectfully Submitted ;


Lee J. Glaeser Plan Comm . Sec.



Site Visit                                                             November 10, 2018

L.Glaeser                                           D.Reis

C.Bauer                                              E.Downing

The site visit was done at the Cliff Viessman Trucking Co. at 3:00 PM . We walked the property and looked at the retention pond, fence , and storage of trucks . Their seemed to be no issue with water overflow . We looked at the discharge culvert from the pond and found no issues . We then walked the Novak property with owner Debbie Novak .

A motion to adjourn was made by D.Reis and a second by C.Bauer . Motion carried unanimously

. meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM .

Respectfully Submitted ;


Lee J . Glaeser Plan Comm. Sec.





































Town Board monthly minutes are not posted until approved by the Board.