Meeting Minutes

­DRAFT                                                               Town Of Newton                                      January 6, 2020

Plan Commission

                                    M.Knorr                                              M.Slattery

                                    L.Glaeser                                             D.Reis

                                             E.Downing                                                        R.Sieben

                                             C.Bauer                                                             R.Ross

The meeting was called to order by Chairman M.Knorr at 6:05 PM.

Verification of public notice , posted as required.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by D.Reis and a second by E.Downing. Motion carried unanimously.

A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by R.Ross and a second by C.Bauer. Motion carried unanimously.

Public input ; M. Slattery gave input concerning road frontage on a piece of property that may come to the Plan Commission in February.

Item # 6 Marilyn Luebke of 3643 Rangeline Rd . located at SW % of the SW 1/4 , of Sec 6 . Is proposing a certified survey for this parcel . A motion by D.Reis and a second by E.Downing to approve the survey as submitted . Motion carried unanimously.

Item # 7 Holschbach Enterprises, 2918 Silver Creek Rd. Has questions regarding siting a duplex 1 on property zoned A-2 ( see copy attached) C.Bauer stated that per the ordinance a duplex is not allowed in A -2 . Discussion was if we could rezone the area to R-2 . Discussion pertaining to permitted uses in R-2 - 't was decided that Jeff and Jacob Holschbach would go back and correct the lot lines and come back for a possible re-zone .

Item # 8 Mark Hermann conditional use permit at 2734 County Rd CR. E.Downing recused himself for this item . Mark talked about his business and how it has grown and helped the Town of Newton and discussed possibly erecting a fence in the front. Discussion was around him getting a variance but he would need 100 Ft. from the center of County Rd. CR.

Item # 9 Calumet Renewable Energy , LLC . 414 South Main Street Suite 501 Ann Arbor ,MI. reapplication of the conditional use permit . This is to allow up to 14 loads a day from 14 Dairies and trucks plus employ up to 10 employees . Public input . Harlan Meyer was present whose mother lives across the road. He asked what was changing in the permit. A representative of Renewable Energy LLC. Was present and discussed updating the permit to include the 14 dairies and to employ up to 10 people. Discussion occurred pertaining to an odor of sulfur that seemed to be coming from the plant. A suggestion was to possibly put a monitor off site to check levels and record readings. A motion to approve the conditional use permit was made by D.Reis as submitted and add to what was already approved plus add the 10 employees and 14 dairies and trucks. Second by R.Sieben. Motion carried unanimously.

Item # 10 Review a sign permit for Pine River Pre-Pak They are requesting a new sign for the East side of the business. Discussion occurred on the sign. A motion by D.Reis and a second by C.Bauer to approve the sign permit application in accordance with Sec. 17.06 # 8 variation of standard to allow 3 signs and because of the uniqueness of the business . Motion carried unanimously.

Item # 11 Will be tabled till February.

Item # 12 Discussion of the 2030 Comp Plan with Ken Jaworski .

A motion by R.Sieben and a second by E.Downing was made to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM. Next meeting scheduled for February 3 , 2020.

Respectfully Submitted;

Lee J. Glaeser

Plan Comm. Sec.


                                                            TOWN OF NEWTON BOARD MEETING

                                                            JANUARY  8, 2020

The Town Board meeting of the Town of Newton was held on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at the Newton Town Hall, 6532 Carstens Lake Road, Manitowoc, WI 54220 at 6:00 pm. pursuant to posted notices.

The meeting was opened at 6:00 pm by Chairman Roger Busse.  Present:  Roger Busse, Chairman; Denise Thomas, Supervisor #1; Mark Knorr, Supervisor #2; Paulette Vogt, Treasurer; Barbara Pankratz, Clerk; Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator; Roger Mayer, Building Inspector, Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent, Charlie Bauer and Ed Downing.

All those present joined in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The clerk stated that the agenda was posted by her on the official posting places as well as on the Town of Newton web site. Said agenda was notarized by Paulette, Vogt, Treasurer.  Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the agenda as posted.  Said motion was seconded by Denise Thomas and passed.

The minutes for the December 11, 2019 meeting, which were submitted to the Board previously, were approved by motion made by Denise Thomas and seconded by Mark Knorr. Said motion passed.

Roger Busse made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report which was submitted to the board members previous to the meeting.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which passed.

The first item on the agenda was public in-put.  There being none said agenda item was closed.

Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent indicated that the recycling bags wee ordered and will come in about eight weeks.  He also told the Board that about forty-eight feet of a guard rail and eight posts on Newtonburg Road had been destroyed by a vehicle.  Dave had checked with the County and the same would cost approximately $3,500. to replace.  Mark Knorr suggested that nothing be fixed until after the snow season.  The Board agreed with him so nothing will be fixed at this time.

There was a discussion between Dave and the Board in reference to the garage doors on the fire house.  Dave had someone look at it and was told the price to replace the bottom section of one of the doors would be $775. From K City Garage Doors.  Two sections could be taken from the end door to replace the bottom sections. The fire house door repair will be one new door and repairing the other with parts from the old.  A bid from Overhead Garage Door would cost $1,100.00 just to replace one section.  Discussion ensued about the door situation and Mark Knorr made a motion that we have K City Garage Door repair the fire house doors at a cost of $5,175.00.  Roger Busse second the motion that carried.

Dave Mueller, Law Enforcement Officer had nothing to report.

Michael Slattery, Zoning Administrator submitted his report for the month of December to the Board. There were no questions.

Treasurer Paulette Vogt indicated that tax collections were going well.

Since July 4, 2020 falls on a Saturday, the Board decided to close the Recycling Center and that a notice would be posted at the Recycling Center and on the web site.

A lengthy discussion ensued between the Board, Roger Mayer and Mike Slattery in reference to charges in reference to building permit charges and zoning matters.  It was decided by motion made by Denise Thomas to raise the building inspection fee of a one-family to $600.00 and the two family to $700.00 and any additional inspection fee up to $55.00 as Roger Mayer requested.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which passed.  Roger Mayer, Building Inspector will submit a renewal contract for his position to the Board for the February meeting.  Chairman Busse will re-do the building permit application.  Denise Thomas has the changes recorded and the same will be reviewed at the February meeting.

Chairman Busse made a motion for reappointments for two years as follows beginning January 1, 2020:  Plan Commission – Roger Sieben; Board of Appeals:  Dan Stock, Scott Konik, and Mike Waack (Alternate).  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which carried.

The next item of business was presentation and signing of the Recycling Contract between the Town of Newton and the Town of Centerville for a one-year period beginning January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020.  Mark Knorr made a motion to accept the contract as presented.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which passed.  The same will be presented to the Town of Centerville for their signatures and after it is signed by their Board will be returned to the Town of Newton Clerk and kept on file.

The T.R.I.P. Program was the next item to be addressed.  Mark Knorr made a motion to change Wilharms Road to English Lake Road.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.  The clerk will e-mail a copy of the minutes to Marc Holsen at the County Highway office.

Motion to approve and pay the bills was made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  Motion carried.

There being no further business to come before the meeting Roger Busse, Chairman made a motion to adjourn.  Mark Knorr, Supervisor seconded the motion which carried.

                                                                           Barbara Pankratz, Clerk