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TOWN BOARD MEETING - SEPTEMBER 19 2018                                                                                                                                                     

The town board meeting for the Town of Newton was held on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 pursuant to posted notices.  Said meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman Roger Busse. 

Present were:  Roger Busse, Denise Thomas, Mark Knorr, Paulette Vogt, Barbara Pankratz, Mike Slattery, Dave Mueller,  Charlie Bauer, Steve Thomas, Ron Ratajczak, Steve and Joyce Vetter, Shawn and Howard Linsmeier and Bruce Robley.         

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by everyone present.  The agenda has been posted by the Road Superintendent Dave Mueller as well as put on the web by the clerk and the affidavit of said posting is on file with the clerk.  Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the submitted agenda.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried. 

Denise Thomas made a motion to approve the previously submitted August Board Meeting minutes.  Mark Knorr seconded the motion which carried. 

The treasurer’s report which had been submitted to the Board previous to the meeting was approved by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas.  Motion carried. 

Public input was opened.  Ron Ratajczak came before the meeting to voice several concerns and comments in reference to a motor home parked illegally, dog barking, price of cigarette license, Clover Gun Club shooting, ATV on Newton Roads, speed limit on Silver Creek Road, City Pit, sewers on CR, etc. 

Steve and Joyce Vetter appeared before the Board to request that a stop sign be put at Northeim Lane and County U.  The Board will review the matter and a decision will be made at the October Board meeting. 

Shawn and Howard Linsmeier appeared before the Board in reference to an easement on Sonnenburg Lane.  They intend to remove their double wide trailer and existing garage on Sonnenburg Lane.  After discussion with the Board and Mike Slattery it was decided that a new easement has to be drawn up for the driveway and a variance to build a house because there is not one hundred and fifty feet of frontage.   It was decided that they should set up a meeting with Mike Slattery who will inform them what has to be done. 

Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent indicated that one side of the project on Newton Road is done and a permit which has to be posted five days from the DNR has been received.  A forty foot by thirty-inch plastic culvert is ordered at a cost of $1,360.  The DNR requires it to be seeded and Dave will check on prices and get back to the Board at the October meeting. 

Mike Slattery and Dave talked about the presence of parsnip and Dave suggested a public informational campaign to make the public aware of this weed and what it does.  Supervisor Denise Thomas agreed that the public should be made aware and something could also be inserted on the web site about this matter and brochures handed out at the Recycling Center and at the Annual Meeting in April.  Dave indicated he would talk to Tom Ward and check if he has any literature in reference to parsnips and would report to the Board in October. 

Recycling bags are getting low and Dave checked again on the order for them and found they were not shipped yet.  Denise said she will check with the supplier who is located in North Carolina.  (Note: As of this typing Denise did check and found that because of the hurricane our shipment would be delayed.)  The clerk will put a statement on the web site asking for the public’s cooperation in obtaining recycling bags until we receive our shipment. 

Dave Mueller, Law Enforcement Officer reported handling stray dog matters as well as addressing the matter of a kennel license with an individual in the town. 

Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator submitted his building permit report for the month of August which generated $1,219. 

Paulette Vogt, Treasurer stated that she was told by the bank that they will not monitor all three signatures on a check. 

The matter of trucks owned by Jesse Patrick - Rush Logistics was addressed.  It seems that the trucks are being driven on Silver Creek Road and there was concern about safety and speed since there is a lot of residential in the area.  They will be asked to divert their trucks off of Silver Creek Road. 

The matter of a person parking a semi-truck by the salt shed was the next item of business.  After discussion the Board decided that anyone not doing town business should not be allowed to park on any town property because of liability issues.  A motion was made by Denise Thomas to this effect and seconded by Mark Knorr.  Motion passed. 

The window in the kitchen is leaking and after discussion it was decided to contact ACE Building to look into fixing the same.  Dave Mueller will contact ACE about this matter. 

The town needs to use a boom mower and there was a discussion about renting one from Weyer at a cost of $2,400. for a week at forty hours.  Any time after that it would cost $60./hour or a monthly rate of $7,200.  If it was decided to rent the unit we could pick it up to save the cost of trucking.  Dave Mueller said that the project it is needed for could wait until November since he is very busy right now.  Denise asked Dave to check to see if the Town could get the boom mower in three weeks and how much it would cost to haul it here.  Weyer Is located in Kaukauna. 

There was a discussion about transferring funds.  A budget resolution will be submitted at the October meeting for the transfer. 

The Board and Clerk will meet at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 to work on the proposed budget for 2019 for the Town.  The public meeting for the budget will be held on November 14, 2018 Immediately prior to our regular town board meeting. 

Motion was made by Chairman Busse to accept the statement report which was submitted to the Board prior to the meeting.  Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion which carried. 

There being no further business to come before the meeting we adjourned by motion made by Roger Busse and seconded by Mark Knorr. 

                                                                           Barbara Pankratz, Clerk

September 10,2018

Town Of Newton Plan Commission

M.Slattery                                                        L.Glaeser

R.Sieben                                                           R.Ross

D.Reis                                                                E.Downing


The meeting was called to order by acting Chairman D.Reis at 6:00 Pm . She stated M. Knorr was excused. Verification of public notice was made and posted as required. A motion to approve the agenda was made by R.Ross and a second by E.Downing . Motion carried unanimously. A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by R.Ross and a second by C.Bauer. Motion carried unanimously. Public input was opened and after no discussion public input was closed.

Item # 6 ( A ) Bruce Robley addressed the commission in regards to the town Right of way at 6120 Sonnenburg Lane. Two questions were looked at A) Setback off of the easement B) A certified survey. The discussion was that the county has a form combining the two tracts without a new survey .

  1. Sieben was concerned about the distance tom the creek and the high water mark . The easement was the next concern and the owner not having 150 FT . of road frontage plus he does not have the 60 Ft from the center line of the road which makes it a nonconforming lot. It was suggested that the Town Board look at it and decide what to do with the easement .

Item 6 ( B) Bruce Robley had a question of a possible zone change for a parcel in the SW ¼ of the NW 1/4 of Sec 26. The Sieracki family there is proposing combining two lots but leave another portion of 5 acres separate . The recommendation was to have the applicant present to discuss the proposed changes .

Item # 7 Bouchum Buddhist Temple at 6703 Gass Lake Rd. for a pre-application conditional use permit for a new temple . C.Bauer referenced Sec  14.03 . Discussion on what would be involved with an amended conditional use .

Item # 8 We had discussion on the Business overlay District . We will discuss in more detail at the next meeting .

A motion by E.Downing and a second by C.Bauer to adjourn was made . Motion carried unanimously . Meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday October 1 ,2018

Respectfully Submitted; Plan Comm. Sec.































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