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                                                            TOWN OF NEWTON

                                                            TOWN BOARD MEETING MINUTES

                                                            June 12, 2019


               The June meeting of the Town Board of Newton was opened at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by Chairman Roger Busse.  Present:  Roger Busse; Denise Thomas, Supervisor; Mark Knorr,  Supervisor; Barbara Pankratz, Clerk; Paulette Vogt, Treasurer; Mike Slattery, Zoning Administrator;  Dave Mueller, Road Superintendent and Law Enforcement Officer;  Ed Downing, Larry Stock and Brad Bastian. 

               All those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The clerk stated and notarized that the agenda was posted by Road Superintendent Dave Mueller on the official posting places and that the agenda had been posted on the Town of Newton web site.

               Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

               Denise Thomas made a motion to accept both May meeting minutes (Board of Review held May 21, 2019 and our regular Board meeting held May 22, 2019).  Said motion was seconded by Roger Busse and passed.

               The treasurer’s report, which was presented to the Board previous to the meeting, was approved by motion made by Denise Thomas and seconded by Mark Knorr.  Motion carried.

               Public in-put was opened.  There being no business to come before the Board said agenda item was closed.

               Dave Mueller stated that the Borgwardt and Stock Lane graveling was completed at a cost of $6,793.31.

               Denise Thomas questioned Chairman Busse about the Solid Waste Disposal Facilitation Agreement which was signed at the May 22, 2019 meeting.  She felt it would be advantageous if the chairman checked with Advance Disposal about disposing of solid waste rather than committing the Town to the contract with the County which lasts for fifteen years.  She feels it is not right that the town residents are held responsible if a catastrophe were to happen.

The matter of the dog citation which was issued was discussed.  Supervisor Thomas felt that since the dog owner receives notice of the required dog license in the mail with their taxes that the Town should be assertive in collecting the license fee and any penalties.  The Wisconsin Statutes will be checked as to what alternatives the Town has and the matter will be addressed at the meeting in July.

The balance in checking was the next matter to be discussed.  The treasurer and clerk will continue to monitor the checking account to ascertain that the correct balance is in the Bill Pay Account to alleviate any overcharges from the bank.  Paulette indicated that no interest was paid on our checking account with Bank First National and Supervisor Thomas suggested checking with other banks before next years Annual Meeting to see if interest is paid on checking accounts.

An ATV sign will be installed at South 26th Street and Orchard Lane.

The Town is in need of a new lawn mower.  The old mower was taken into Madson Repair and two coils were replaced at a cost of $200.  Roger was told that a head gasket and valve would cost $800. Roger Busse did obtain bids from Eis Implement and Riesterer and Schnell.  Eis Implement would give us $300.00 trade-in and Riesterer and Schnell would give us $1,300. trade in.  It was decided by the board to purchase a  Gravely 60” deck pro-turn from TA Motor Sports at a cost of $4,451.20 which includes a $1800. Trade-in credit.  The money will come out of the Committed Fund.  Supervisor Mark Korr made motion that the town purchase said lawn mower from TA Motor Sports for $4,451.20.  Supervisor Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

The next item on the agenda was mileage reimbursement.  Chairman Busse questioned the payment of car allowance to the Board, Treasurer and Clerk.  He felt it was not necessary.  Chairman Busse contacted the Wisconsin Towns Association and the auditor for the Town and was told that taxes should be taken off.  After a short discussion motion was made by Supervisor Denise Thomas and seconded by Supervisor Mark Knorr that the mileage reimbursement remain as stated and that taxes will be taken off.  The motion passed with two ayes and one naye by Roger Busse, Chairman.

Our insurance policy for the Town is coming due in July.  Roger Busse made a motion that the Town retain Family Insurance Center for a premium of $12,067.00/yearly for Worker’s Compensation and Property, Inland Marine, General Liability, and Auto.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which passed.

Resolution #61219 Public Participation Plan – 2019 Comprehensive Plan Update was signed by Chairman Roger Busse and witnessed by Clerk Barbara Pankratz.  The Resolution was introduced by Chairman Busse and Mark Knorr, Supervisor seconded the motion which carried.  The purpose of the Resolution was to insure that the Comprehensive Plan operate effectively and according to the law and to address the needs of citizens of the Town of Newton so that the residents are informed and provided an opportunity to participate in the planning process.  Information received will be used to determine the needs of the Town and develop community direction.

The next item of business was discussion of road bids.  After a lengthy discussion by Chairman Busse, Supervisors Thomas and Knorr the following road projects were approved by motion made by Mark Knorr and seconded by Denise Thomas:

               $2,469.02 Flood Repair; 

               $6,000.00 Striping;

                $12,000.00 Crack Filling;

               $2,631.83 Ditching;

               $6,793.31 – Gravel – Borgwardt & Stock Lane;

                $4,500.00 – Overlays on culvert pipes on Center Road and English Lake Road; (Manitowoc        County awarded this.)

                $21,464.00 Chip Seal Clover Road); (Scott Construction awarded this.)

                $11,402.00 Chip Seal Cloverview Subdivision (Harley & Davidson Roads); (Scott Construction      awarded this.)

               $151,300.80 Blacktop Newton Road (Northeast Asphalt awarded this.))

               TOTAL:  $218,560.96 leaving a balance of $27,291.04.


A letter was received from Tom Ward of the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership in reference to the eradication of the phragmite weed.  He asked that the Town send a copy of the letter he enclosed as well as a Landowner Application Form and information on the Invasive Phragmites to citizens in the Town of Newton who have Phragmites on their property and asking that they participate in the control efforts by allowing the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership contractors perform herbicide treatments at no cost to them.  The clerk will send out letters and enclosures to those citizens who have Phragmites on their property.

Supervisor Mark Knorr made a motion to pay the statements as submitted to the Board by the Clerk.  Denise Thomas seconded the motion which carried.

Denise Thomas made a motion to adjourn the June meeting which motion was seconded by Roger Busse.  Motion carried.

                                                                         Barbara Pankratz, Clerk













Town Board monthly minutes are not posted until approved by the Board.





                                                                                      June 10, 2019      DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                                          Town Of Newton                                                                                                                                                                                                      Plan Commission                                                                                                                                                                             Mark Knorr                        L. Glaeser                                                   

                                                            M.Slattery                         R.Sieben                                                     

                                                            E.Downing                         C. Bauer                                                     


               The meeting was called to order by chairman M. Knorr at 6:03 PM . Verification of public notice , posted as required.                                                      A motion to approve the agenda was made by D.Reis and seconded by R. Sieben . Motion carried unanimously.            

               A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by E.Downing and a second by D.Reis . Motion carried unanimously.                                                               

            Item # 6  A certified survey for a parcel in the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec . 18 . Discussion occurred. A motion by D.Reis and a seconded by E.Downing to approve the certified survey as submitted . This coincides with the previous zone change for the property.                                                            

             Item # 7  Discussion of a possible zone change and change of ownership . This is in the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec 26 .We gave Bruce Robley directions as to how to approach this situation.            

             Item # 8 Property at 5315 County Hwy CR . Discussion occurred with no action taken.

             Item # 9  Ken Jaworski of Cedar Corporation and discussion on the 2030 Comp Plan. 

             A motion by D.Reis and a second by C.Bauer to adjourn was made at 8:20 pm . Motion carried unanimously.                                                                                                                                 

                                                                             Respectfully Submitted ; 

                                                                             Lee  J . Glaeser                                                                                                                                                                                                        Plan Comm. Sec.